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Gedanken der 3c zu den Klima Streiks während des WEFs

Klasse 3c. Vom 22. bis zum 25. Januar fand in Davos das alljährliche World Economic Forum (WEF) statt. Wie jedes Jahr wurde viel diskutiert. Doch diese Jahr gehörte die Aufmerksamkeit nicht den berühmten Politikern aus aller Welt, sondern Greta Thunberg. Greta ist 16 Jahre alt und eine arrangierte Klimaaktivistin. Mit dem Zug reiste sie aus ihrem Heimatland Schweden ans WEF, circa 62 Stunden war sie unterwegs und dies allein fürs Klima. Gemeinsam mit Greta führten Schüler und Schülerinnen aus Davos und der ganzen Schweiz am Freitag 25. Januar einen Sitzstreik durch, um auf den Klimawandel aufmerksam zu machen. Die Schüler und Schülerinnen der 3c haben sich im Englischunterricht Gedanken darüber gemacht und diese in einen Text verfasst.

Gianna Oswald, 3c

Climate change is a very serious problem nowadays in my opinion. That‘s why we have to act now or otherwise living on earth will be much more difficult and different in the future. While here in Switzerland we haven‘t got any serious problems yet, many people around the world are already suffering because of the impacts of climate change we humans caused by the way we live. And of course, the animals are also big victims of the global warming, like the polar bears who will lose their habitat. Even though some countries are trying to change in their behavior, it is still not enough, because everyone has to do something and help cutting down the climate change, because we can‘t stop something that has already started, but we can slow it down. We can‘t hide it anymore.

Gian Hutter, 3c

Global warming isn‘t only caused by human activities, it’s also caused by natural processes. Without any natural warming the earth‘s temperature would be -18* C and most species wouldn‘t be able to survive. Besides natural processes, the hole in the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect cause the dangerous temperature rise. Usually when the sun hits the earth, sunbeams are reflected and sent back into the atmosphere. But since there are too many greenhouse gases, the sunbeams are reflected back to the earth again. Society perceives climate change only as a problem of the future. Nevertheless, we have to realize that it is already there. We have to accept it and make the best of the situation. Everybody should be aware of this and should also be committed to it.

Tabea Liesch, 3c

Although I don’t think you should always skip school, I do like the idea and the courage to strike against climate change, even if you’re just a student. When I said, I would also do it, a friend of mine said it wouldn’t change anything. Maybe that’s right. But if no one says anything, nothing will change. And no one would care. Now, the politicans have to care. Unlike some of my friends in our class, I think it has an effect. The strikes wake people up. I mean, politicians can’t just accept that many students are skipping school. Despite the fact that the students always strike on Fridays. I think it’s important and a very good way to say: You are destroying our future. But I also don’t understand, why everyone is criticizing Switzerland. I think we’re doing quite good. Yes, because of the CO2 law, but aren’t we a democratic state to change that?

Schüler, 3c

In my opinion it is good, when some people strike for the climate change but I think they should control their own actions before they say politicians should find a better solution to takle climate change. The strikers could help to cut the greenhouse-gas emissions despite the fact that most of the people are students. And I think that, despite some exceptions, politicians know about the climate change and want to cut greenhouse-gas emissions. Although not everybody is striking this maybe an act that let the politicians change their opinion and wake them up to do something. Maybe we can almost stop climate change.

Schülerin, 3c

In my opportunity, the strikes are a good thing and I really hope that something changes. Inspite the fact that so many people go on strike, the government isn’t really focused on the whole thing yet. I think there is a better way to show people how they can change and really do something, not just strike. We can stop using plastic so much or drive less with our cars. But it’s good that we students do something, because it’s our future and we must care about our world and not just let destruction go on. On one hand, there are people that are really interested and help but on the other hand there are also people who don’t believe in this whole climate thing and they think nothing really is going to get better. It’s also true that so many young people or adults go on strike but still fly with the airplane or use plastic bags. Climate change was always a topic but since Greta Thurnbergh has put so much effort in her thing, now there are also young people that have become interested and want to act. I hope that Greta isn’t only going to be famous, but rather has an impact on the parliament. The Fridays for future are good but I also understand the teachers or headmasters who don’t like this because it’s on a school day. When every Friday many kids are missing at school, then I understand that this has to have consequences for the children. If the strikes were on Sunday or Saturday I don’t think many young people would go to a strike because it’s their weekend and not just a normal school day. In spite of all these facts I hope we all can change our world because it’s our future.

Schülerin, 3c

I’d say they shouldn’t skip school, although nothing will ever change if they don’t strike. Because of skipping school they’ll get unexcused absents. With unexcused absents however, it’ll get harder to find a job or an apprenticeship. It’s good that they do something, but still: Will it change a lot? I don’t think so… I don’t think that many politicians will listen to them, because the students are considered “immature”. They should stay at school and change something (climate change) when they graduated, even though it could be too late by then. Despite the fact that they could get thrown out of the school, they still do it. Which shows that they really want to change something and want to do something.

Herzlichen Dank den Schüler und Schülerinnen der 3c, die uns die Texte zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

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